Trade: Open
Blank trade: Closed
Distro: Open
Located: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nickname: Shizuru
Contact: PM
Forums: | | |
Last updated: 25 November 2008
~ International trades are welcome.
~ Ratio 1:1
~ I only trade data-DVD. No convertions.
~ Donít mind any brand of media but please no shiny/silver/gold unbranded tops.
~ Please inform me which brand of media you will be using.
~ I will not mix multiple file/series on one disc unless you want me to.
~ I will used paper/plastic sleeves which ever is available and prefer you do the same.
~ Disc will be labeled using post-it and I wish you do the same. DON'T WRITE ON THE DICS.
~ trade will be send at the same time unless you have no refference. Then, I will have to ask you to send first.
~ I will send replacement for three or less defective disc.
†† Four or more defective disc will have to be send back to me first before I can send you a replacement.
~ Ratio 3 : 1
~ Minimum of 10 data-DVD per request.
~ Blank DVD -r 8x or more only.
~ No shiny/silver/gold unbranded tops.
~ Will only accept these following media brand Taiyou Yuden, Verbatim, TDK, RiDATA, FujiFilm and Mitsubishi.
~ Please inform me which brand of media you will be using.
~ I will start burning after you have sent the blanks and post it to you as soon as I have received your blanks.
~ *I will burn using which ever media available.
  *** WISH LIST ***    
Kdrama (Looking for avi files only. Data-DVD No DVD-video)
Dating Now (Prefer SARS-Fansub hardsub version)
[KDA] Beautiful Days episode 7 till end
My Name is Kim Sam Soon (700 MB file)
Prince First Love (700MB file)
All In (700MB file)
Any other titles that is not on my list
JPop (Show me your list)
[Concert] w-inds. - 1st Tour. 1st Message Concert
[Concert] w-inds. - System of Alive Tour 2003 
w-inds., Lead, BoA, Orange Range, News, KATTUN, Arashi WaT etc. High Quality PV
Kpop (Show me your list)
BIG BANG Documentary w/English subbed
Looking for everything BIG BANG
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